Medically Complex Patient Care

Compassion is key to successful care.

Medically Complex

It’s a fact that there are patients for whom it’s hard to find proper dental care.
“Medically Complex” is the term that’s used, and includes the elderly in need of assistance, the disabled, those with special needs, the infirm, those with blood or disease issues, and persons suffering dementia.
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Compassionate Care

Dental care with the health, comfort and dignity of the patient as the prime concern

Dr. Petty does this in a private clinic setting, with a support team of registered hygienists, registered assistants, registered care aides, and administrative support staff.

For caregivers, referring agencies and professionals, and our patients themselves, we offer peace of mind, with the knowledge that what can be a difficult situation will be handled with care, kindness, and professionalism.

Dr. Petty and his staff of hygienists, dental assistants, aides, and administration staff aim to provide an exemplary standard of care for every patient, in every contingency.


We offer sedation as an option in our dental practice. Treatments are considered and tailored on an individual basis, because we’re conscious of every person’s individual needs.

Sedation provides a relaxing, stress-free dental experience. For patients with fears or phobias about seeing a dentist, or for medically complex patients who require stress-control and cardiac/respiratory monitoring during clinical care, conscious sedation is a safe, comfortable and effective answer. The effectiveness of sedation is such that most people feel like they’ve slept through the appointment, often with no recollection and little or no discomfort. For the patient, complex and vital dental procedures that may take hours seem to be over in mere minutes. Simply put, sedation can help take what seems to be an extreme ordeal, and turn it into no big deal at all.

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For referring professionals

It is our privilege to be of service to our colleagues in the dental and medical professions. We do everything we can to help secure treatment for patients who may be outside of your scope of care and comfort. Please contact us with any questions or concerns, or for procedural help.
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